Training Practice


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In July 2007 the surgery received approval as a training practice from the Eastern Deanery for GP learners. This approval requires the practice to continuously meet higher standards, and for one or more of our GP partners to be approved GP Trainers.

Since approval we have had attached to the surgery for training Junior doctors from the Ipswich Hospital, seeking to expand their knowledge of medical practice in the community. Their attachments are for a minimum of four months when they undertake between two and eight surgery sessions a week.

We also provide opportunities for a GP Trainee to be employed by the surgery. Their attachments are likely to be for up to twelve months. Appointment times are likely to be slightly longer, and on occasions, you may be asked if you are in agreement to have the consultation videoed for training purposes.

Consultations will be on a one to one basis, but at all times the doctor in training will be able to call upon the additional expertise of our GP Trainers who have dedicated time for mentoring each surgery session.


Medical Students

Two Rivers Medical Centre is an Undergraduate Training Practice for medical students from the University of East Anglia. We also provide important training for the King’s College London Department of General Practice and Primary Care for student doctors and nurses.

You will always be informed if a student is to be present in your consultation. Please tell the Care Navigator if you wish to see the clinician on their own.